I started Beachfront Fitness with a desire to create a community of active locals interested in supporting each other in their journey to be the best version of themselves.


At Beachfront Fitness I want to make it easy for you to take a "Total Wellness" approach to your life: focusing on Energising your  BODY & MIND  by making healthy decisions about exercise, natural whole foods, relaxation, socialising and being grateful everyday!



Have you ever felt intimidated or uncomfortable going to a Gym?

I understand how it feels, this is why I created a space for you to come and exercise and be encouraged, motivated and feel connected in the community.  Whether it's in my Private Gym or at your home or the park.

Are you struggling with weight gain, food cravings and difficulty in getting results when exercising?

I look at strategies to combat these issues including Stress management, nutrition, sleep and of course choosing the correct type of exercise to keep you active and connected in the community.


Get Personal Training one to one in my Gym or at your home or park.

Small Group Personal Training Sessions

Join a group or create a group with friends to enjoy exercising and supporting each other to live a healthy balanced life.

                         TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH 

                     COMMIT TO BECOME ACTIVE FOR LIFE!